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The Story About Independence

Established in 2015, gaining independence from the joint King’s College London Malaysian & Singaporean Society (KCLMSS). The formation of an independent Malaysian society at King’s College London was proposed by an interim founding committee, comprising Andrew Chang, Rachel Fung, Jia Min Lim, Melissa Ong, and Zheng Xi Yong. The proposal, supported by various reasons, was seen as mutually beneficial to both the Malaysian and Singaporean student bodies at King’s College London. The society gained official recognition by the King’s College London Student Union (KCLSU) following two harmonious referendums, that resulted in landslide majorities for the separation of the joint society and the formation of an independent Malaysian society.


On the 15th of May 2015, KCLMSoc held its first ever Annual General Meeting, during which its constitution was ratified and the society’s first executive committee was elected. The society is grateful for KCLSU’s financial support, which ensured that the society had funds to begin its operations. Within a year, the society has organised events of varying kinds and scales, providing a second home for Malaysians at King’s. The society has also established and maintained collaborative relationships with various entities, including the King’s College London Malaysian Alumni Malaysia Branch and the King’s College London International Office amongst others.


*This picture was taken during the first KCLMSoc Annual General Meeting, during which the first Executive Committee was elected and the constitution ratified.

First Meeting.png
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