Current Executive Committee



Hi everyone! I’m Chee, president of MSoc 21/22 and I’m in my 2nd year of Law. But I really just Netflix, eat, sleep and repeat. I stayed in private accommodations so if you’re struggling, hit me up because I've been there and never wanna do it again. I’m also from Sarawak (where there is WiFi and buildings) and we have the best food in Malaysia. #facts

Jokes aside, alongside with this year’s committee, we will work our hardest to make MSoc a second home for you and I hope to meet everyone in real life soon!! Please stay safe and healthy!

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What’s up guys! My name is Zhen Chien, I’m a 2nd year Computer Science student and I’ll be your Vice President for KCLMsoc 2021/22. To prevent myself from getting arthritis or back problems from all the typing, you can catch me climbing some plastic rocks in VauxEast. I also have a love hate relationship with cycle lanes in london, but using Boris bikes makes up for it. Fun fact: me and Min Waye are on the same boat searching for our lost roots, feel free to join us.

Our amazing committee has some great things lined up to make sure you have a memorable experience. Hope to see and meet you all soon!! 


Hey everyone, I’m Kye Shean! I’m the Secretary for 2021/2022 and I’ll be a second year Computer Science student this coming September. Thanks to Covid, I couldn’t be in London last year but for sure, it makes me more excited to be there and finally getting to meet everyone! A little about me — I love exploring new places and meeting people over good food & drinks. If you see me around, don’t be shy to say hi or even pull me aside for a chat! Our committee has many exciting events in store for the upcoming year so be sure to look out for that. Cheers to a great year ahead!!


hey everyone, I’m Janey! I’ll be a 2nd year law student this September and KCLMsoc’s treasurer 2021/22. I’ve had a complete virtual uni experience for my first year and am very excited to hopefully meet most of you in the upcoming academic year. I’ll keep my introduction brief hehe I like crime documentaries, making bracelets/rings (they’re kinda ugly but it’s a good therapeutic hobby haha), and dancing! Please contact us if you have any questions:) we’d love to help !!


Hey guys, I’m Dylan! I’m a 2nd year Computer Science student. I love playing sports like basketball and frisbee and I also play Valorant a little too much. I also enjoy watching k-dramas and sad Korean movies so if you have any recommendations please do let me know ! Min Waye and I will be working hard to plan out events throughout the next academic year and we hope that everyone can have fun and feel right at home !

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Hi everyone! I’m Min Waye and I’ll be one of your Events Directors for 21/22! I’m a second-year Biomedical Science student, but I spent the whole of first year studying online


Fun fact: I spent 7 years living in the Netherlands! So I get teased a lot about not being Malaysian enough, do lmk if you’re in the same boat. Dylan and I have already started working on some exciting events to bring to you in the next academic year! But in the meantime, stay safe and we hope you have a great year in KCL with us!

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I’m Renee’, the Director of Corporate Relations of this year’s KCLMSoc 2021/22. I’m currently reading law and am a sucker for good food (typical Malaysian here). I love love love taking pictures of beautiful sceneries and spending a good time with family and friends!!! :) Also… a K-pop lover!

What’s there to say besides this society providing me a sense of home and a sense of comfort, especially during times like this (I also studied remotely in my first year). I hope all of you will be able to enjoy your time at King’s and stay safe! Wishing to see everyone soon!!


Hiii everyone! Joyce here. I am a 2nd-year Computer Science student and KCLMSoc’s 21/22 publicity director 💻

To those who love to run, feel free to hit me up! If you see me around, please drop by and say hi, whether it be at a bar, a park, or on campus, I would always be happy to meet a fellow Malaysian.

With the pandemic still going on, I’d like to extend my wishes to you and your family, so please STAY SAFE! I can’t wait to meet all of you, and above all, I am excited for you to have the best time at King’s!