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Current Executive Committee




Jerome Bun

Hi, I’m Jerome, I’m studying LLB Law here at King’s. I went to SMK Damansara Jaya before going to HELP International school. I love dogs 🐶 , cooking 🧑‍🍳 and golf ⛳️ (even if I’m really bad at it).

On a typical uni day you’ll probably see me on Strand campus cramming before class lol. Come say hi if you do see me, I won’t bite !

Fun fact: everyone thinks I’m super old 🎅🏻but I’m only 19 😜


Vice President

Cheng Lyn Yi

Hi everyone! I’m Lyn Yi, and I’ll be your Vice President for 22/23 ☺️ I’m a second-year computer science student 🤓 hmu if you wanna sneak into the lab. *wink wink*

I love park hopping and I’m usually chilling at Bush House (it’s basically my home), so if you do bump into me, don’t be shy to say hi!! I’m always down to meet new people✌️😊

Our committee has some exciting things lined up for the year so do look out for that 🎉 Hope to see y’all soon in KCL ❣️


Haiiiiii gais!! I’m Jia Lin, currently in Year 2 Accounting and Finance, i’ll be your secretary for the year 22/23 🤓 My interests are eating (hehe 😗), cafe hopping, travelling, exploring new places & new hobbies!! So hit me up if you want to try that new cafe you’ve been wanting to / for some recommendations!

Fun fact: I’m a sucker for perfumes and fragrances, you’ll find me in the fragrance department trying on different perfumes 😛 You’ll also (maybe) find me in Bush house on a typical uni day!!

If you see me around, don’t be shy to say hi!! I’ll most probably drag you along for a food-venture 😋 Can’t wait to meet all of you!


Yap Jia Lin


Events Director 
Mikhael Azril

Hi everyone, my name is Mikhael Azril (call me Mika!) and I am your events director! I am currently studying Digital Media and Culture BA and I had an amazing first year here in London.


You can catch me running in Battersea park or at the Maughan library studying (not really lol). Feel free to come and say hello if you ever see me around campus! Can’t wait to see you all!




Kyra Goh

Hi everyone! I’m Kyra! I’ll be a 2nd year Mathematic with management and Finance student starting this September and KCL Malaysian Society’s treasurer 2022/23 🤑

Here are a few little fun facts about me:

  • I'm a huge  gym junkie, you might be able to catch me at one of the gyms nearby

  • I'm an enormous marvel fan 🤩 feel free to hit me up if you ever want to watch a movie together

  • I love shopping, musicals, travelling and just all around down to do whatever 🙃

I can’t wait to meet all of you, and make sure to enjoy your time at King's! ❤️‍🔥

Mikhael Azril
Events Director


Events Director
Joyce Ong

Hi, I’m Joyce!

Just a little bit about myself:

  • I will be your KCL Malaysian Society events director for the 2022/23 academic year.

  • Currently studying Chemistry at King’s.

  • I love my dogs.

  • My interests are very fickle but I guess I like volleyball.

  • I don’t mind being stuck in traffic (only applies if I’m the driver).

  • I have eaten rabbit and pigeon meat

  • My attendance in class is minimal during the winter.

  • You can find me at the Waterloo campus lab/class on a typical uni day.


Corporate Relations Director
Valerie Qin

Hey I’m Valerie! I'm the corporate relations director ☺️ and a 3rd year law student. I like music and everything that relates to it such as playing instruments etc. And I love discounts so I'm always keeping an eye out for those 👀


Publicity Director
Renee Chu

Hello everyone! I’m Renee, a 2nd year English Language, and Linguistics student, and I’ll be your publicity director for the upcoming academic year 😌

Although I’m Malaysian, I’ve been raised in Hong Kong and have been staying in the UK for the past 3 years, so my Malaysian dictionary is limited to mainly “dilarang merokok” and “keluar” 💀💀 Despite this, I still am a huge lover of Malaysian food (my life motto’s no spice, no life 🌶) and am a big foodie as well! :)) so if anyone’s keen on exploring new food places together, feel free to hmu!

I tend to hang around Chinatown a lot (no surprise there) and I’ll supposedly be studying at Strand/Waterloo, so if you do happen to bump into me, feel free to say hi! I’m always down for a little chit chat :D Excited for the coming year, and hope to see you all super soon!

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