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The Tapir Journal 

The Tapir Journal is the first student newspaper by a Malaysian society in the United Kingdom, the purpose of the journal is to produce factual and critical pieces on politics and economics in Southeast Asia and the world. We are completely non-profit and run as an arm of the Malaysian Society. 

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The Tapir Journal's Newest !

As of January 2023, the Tapir Journal welcomes its first female writers Deena (left) and Siti (right). The two first years were hand selected by our team from a competitive pool of applicants. Read their articles below!

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Each article in this section is written by students of King's College London and is done with sensitivity towards all issues whilst prioritising the most factual and supported version of events.



"Bertemu", (meaning 'to meet' in Malay) is the journal's initiative to introduce the best and brightest minds to the Malaysian Society in the form of interviews and speaker events. Each Bertemu piece interviews an established individual in their field

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About Us

The Tapir Journal is founded by Jerome Bun Zi Cheng, President of KCL Malaysian Society of 2022/23- who also currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of The Tapir Journal. Read more about our mission here.


Get involved!

You are eligible to join the newspaper as long as you are a member of the King's College London Malaysian Society. 

Fill in this form and apply! 

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