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Here are KCLMsoc we believe no Malaysian should have to brave a new world by themselves, that's why we have a family system in place for all new freshers and seniors. Each family is composed of students from different years, degrees, and races while keeping their preferences in mind. 

We have finally launched our 2023/2024 family system, click here to join! It will guide you through how to become a member, ask for some details and you will be all set!

Join us below

Family Bingo

In your family system you can expect to have dinners organised by our "parents" (2nd years) or "grandparents" (third years) and participate in a year long bingo around London. 

This will just be fun tasks like taking a trip to Winter Wonderland, or having a group photo at Buckingham Palace. The winning family shall receive a cash prize at the end of the year!

2021 Leaderboard

Updated on 15/10/21

1. Ice Kacangz

2. Cheesel

3. Za famerly

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