2020/2021 COMMITTEE

Poh Yi Mah

Hello everyone! I’m Poh Yi, a Biomedical Science student. I’m an active early bird but I become absolutely zombified once the clock strikes 12am. Cooking, binge watching TV shows and travelling - that’s my relaxation combo. Recently I’ve developed an interest in photography, so if you see me carrying a camera, you’re more than welcome to say cheese! Although the year ahead may seem quite uncertain, I look forward to making your experience with KCL MSOC a memorable one!

Carmen Choong

Hi guys! I’m Carmen and I will be the Vice President of KCLMSOC for the year 2020/21! I study Economics, so feel free to ask me anything regarding this course! KCLMSOC to me is a home away from home. It made my fresher’s life memorable and I was able to experience multiple ’first time’: stayed overnight with ‘strangers’ at PDC, co-choreographed a dance piece and acted in MNight and more... These experiences were super fun and I made a lot of friends from it! To the incoming freshers, fret not, we’ll make your experience better than ever so please look forward to our upcoming events xx

Jamie Ee

Hi I’m Jamie! I’m starting my second year in Biochemistry. You can find me around Guy’s or looking lost in Covent Garden. I’m always up for recommending the hidden gems of food and drinks around London. If there’s anything you need help with, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Albert Lee

Albert here! I'm a second year BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics student, with a penchant of making flat jokes. I enjoy playing some strategy games on my PC, maybe a little too much for my studies, but I do look up on finance stuff as a side hobby. If you need any help with finances in the UK, let me know and I'll see if I can help!

Jin Han Khaw

Hello I’m Jin Han! A second-year medical student who probably spends too much time binging tv shows and playing badminton. Fun fact: I’m the only Penangite of the committee! You will usually see me around Guy’s Campus, so hmu for some table tennis at the Shed!! London has everything, from a generous selection of boba (COCO is best) to the never-ending places to venture on weekend outings with your friends, you will surely find yourself calling it your second home in no time. If you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to drop me a message! Hope you have a fun time with us at King’s College London!

Charlotte Bun

Hello! I’m a second year Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) student. I travel a lot and I love watching rom-coms that make me cry. I'm also a huge foodie but I especially love desserts and hotpot. If you ever see me anywhere, feel free to say hi! You can even message me anytime if you need any help. I hope to make London feel like home for you!

Nurul Syifaq

Hello! I’m Nurul, MSoc’s CR- Director and, a law student. A world without Chee Cheong Fun, Ayam Penyet and Roti Canai is my worst nightmare. On an average day, you can find me at Wasabi, if not using all my money to pay for Malaysian meals here in London, or around campus trying my best to look happy while I think of all the reading I have left for the week - we all try our best, if not, there’s always smiling and nodding during tutorials (try to not do it so often, it gets obvious -been there, done that). Do reach out if there is anything I can help with!

Erin Suriawinata

Hello! I'm Erin, a 2nd year Biomedical Sciences student and your Publicity Director! Two things I love doing are exploring London for great food spots and hanging out with friends! You can find me binging Korean Dramas (Crash Landing on You takes the win) or Anime (Haikyuu and Demon Slayer!!), or just roaming around Guy’s campus, where I’m based. I’ve definitely found a home with KCLMSoc, and I hope you do too! Who knows, London could very well be a home for any of you! See you soon and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! xx